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If necessity is the Mother of Invention,

then adversity must surely be the Father of Re-invention

Johnny Flora


A successful business in sourcing and supplying building materials to Australian builders originated out of a desperate need to reduce costs. 

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​Around 2001, John Lyons was running a Tasmanian building company that specialised in affordable homes.  Builder’s margins were fast evaporating, so to survive, construction costs needed close attention.  Knowing the difficulty in tackling labour rates John turned his attention to finding better priced materials.  With his business partner running the day to day John packed a bag and started visiting South East Asian factories.  Thereafter containers of building materials started landing in Tasmania and Sourcecorp was born.

Almost 20 years and thousands of cups of tea later, John has built many long and trusted relationships with overseas factory owners.  While John toiled overseas it was clear Sourcecorp required local representation.  The business had grown to a point that it was no longer possible to supervise production and logistics in one country whilst developing relationships with builders in Australia.  Sourcecorp evolved by partnering with likeminded Australian companies who established relations with builders to supply materials for construction projects. 

We offer a link between offshore manufacturers and our clients’ expectation of excellent value, ensuring promises are fulfilled at the point of delivery.  Today Sourcecorp is a collaboration of independent companies offering clients the benefit of dealing directly with manufacturers.  John no longer builds houses, he is now based in Zhongshan, China where Sourcecorp has multiple suppliers.

In 2015 Martin Vana and David Quinn, friends since their university days when they played footy together, decided to join the Sourcecorp movement.  David and Martin would set up a Sourcecorp shop in Collingwood, just outside of the Melbourne CBD.  This was in part driven by David’s involvement in developing a modular construction business.  Among other jobs, modules manufactured in China were used to construct one of David’s developments in Collingwood, which is now Sourcecorp’s Melbourne office.

Sourcecorp Victoria is dedicated to developing products and improving services that reduce construction risk.  We believe there are always opportunities to improve our client’s outcomes by offering products and services that reduce time on site and avoid unnecessary product risk.  By challenging everything we do, we believe that our clients and suppliers will mutually benefit and that is the foundation of an enduring relationship.

In 2017, David and Martin were introduced to Waterproof Wall Panels, which are widely used in Europe as an affordable tile alternative.  These products were a perfect fit with our business philosophy as they both reduced risk and time on site.  After reviewing multiple manufacturers, we were most impressed by Fibo of Norway as they are both an innovative and high-quality manufacturer.  In 2018 Sourcecorp became the Australian distributor of Fibo enabling us to offer a alternative wall finish in wet areas.

Realising the potential to supply Fibo to a greater range of clients, Sourcecorp invested in stock so it could quickly fulfill supply to smaller jobs.  Today Sourcecorp is developing the sales channels and support infrastructure in order to distribute Fibo nationally through the group and other re-sellers.

We are confident that adversity in the construction industry will result in more clients seeking new ways to do business and we look forward to sharing our experiences in doing just that.

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