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Less Weight

Compared to a  ceramic tile installation, the materials used in the Fibo system are only 25 – 30% of the weight.  With Fibo  there is no need for a wall lining, membrane and grout to create a waterproof solution.

Fibo panels are made from high-pressure laminate that acts as both a decorative finish and a moisture barrier that is bonded to a marine ply core then has a vapour barrier backing layer.  The panels are durable, non-brittle and considerably lighter than tiles.

Less Cost

As a 3-in-1 panel system, Fibo removes the need to purchase a wall liner, waterproof membrane and a separate decorative finish.

Less trades and fewer steps means less time on site and a dramatic reduction in installation costs.

Less Maintenance

No need for any harsh or potentially harmful chemical cleaners.  Better for the environment, less expensive and healthier for cleaners.

Fibo reduces the amount of time and effort required to maintain internal walls.  Whether combating mould or as a tough impact resistant wall lining, the Fibo system is durable and able to withstand normal wear and tear for many years. 

Less Time to Install

Wet area walls can be waterproofed in a single step without the need to use a wall lining or membrane.  This reducews  your wall the time to install Fibo is dramatically less than tiling.   The walls in your room can be finished in a day.

The Fibo invented Aqualock tongue & groove allows panels to be joined quickly to create a seamless finish.

Less Environmental Impact

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Less Risk

The Fibo Wall Panel System is CodeMark Australia certified.

The wall system is supplied with a Manufacturer backed 15 year warranty.

Less is Definitely Best...

...Because with Fibo Less Means More.