Matte is back!

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of matte finishes over the past few years.  Low sheen walls create elegant spaces and accentuate polished finishes on towel rails, tapware or artwork.  Unlike matte paints, Fibo Matte decors are just as durable as glossy finishes.

All decors in the Matte Colour range are available with or without a tile design; all tile designs are Marcato 1.8 mm with White Grout Lines.


Brilliant mirror like surfaces. 

Deep coloured glossy surfaces add a dramatic effect in any room as they reflect adjacent light.  Adding high gloss to your room makes a bold design statement by amplifying light and adding pizzazz.  Gloss raises the design energy and excitement in any space it is used.

All decors in the High Gloss Colour range are available with or without a tile design; all tile designs have Grey Grout Lines and available in either Fortissimo 3.5 mm or Marcato 1.8 mm width.




NOTE: The images represented on screen above may not provide an exact representation of each individual decor.  This is particularly true of decors that are not monochromatic or are heavily patterned or have a textured finish.  Monochromatic decors have an NCS reference to validate the colour.  It is always best to examine a physical swatch to assess the characteristic of the actual decor before making any design decision.

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