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Has the FIBO system been tested? 


Fibo have a long history of subjecting their products and processes to independent scrutiny.  The product has been tested in Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia.  Copies of accreditation certificates and test reports will be made available upon request.  


Is the Fibo system approved for use in Australia? 

The quick answer is yes.

The Fibo Wall Panel System is certified under the CodeMark Australia® scheme (Registration CM70017) as compliant to the Building Code of Australia 2019, Volumes One and Two for the following provisions:

  • Vol 1, BP1.1 (b)(i)(ii)(xi), 'Structural Provisions', FP1.7 'Damp & Waterproofing' and C1.10 'Fire Hazard Properties'.

  • Vol 2, P2.1.1 b)(i)(ii)(xi) 'Structural Stability' and P2.4.1 'Wet Areas'.

Sourcecorp's CodeMark registration of Fibo was audited by Bureau Veritas, an international independent certification agency.  Central to this CodeMark registration is the validation that Fibo complies with the performance requirements of AS3740-2004 'Waterproofing of Wet Areas'.  
The Fibo System also holds a CodeMark registration to the waterproofing requirements of the New Zealand building code.

What is CodeMark? 

The CodeMark® Certification Scheme is an audit process designed to evaluate materials against building code requirements.  It is voluntary scheme whereby manufacturers and distributors engage an independent auditor to validate the capabilities of their products.  It is particularly helpful to Builders and Building Surveyors when considering the use of new and innovative products.  CodeMark registration is regulated by an organisation called Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) and is backed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).  Click here to view the Fibo CodeMark certificate on the JAS-ANZ web site.

CodeMark certified products provide assurance to building practitioners that the product is fit for purpose and assists in completing certification.  That's pretty important.

Has the FIBO system been tested 
Is the Fibo system approved for use in Australia? 
What is CodeMark?
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