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How long is the warranty period? 

15 years from the date the product is delivered or collected. 

What does the warranty cover? 

That for the duration of the warranty period the Fibo System: 

  • Will remain watertight; 

  • Will not crack or delaminate; and 

  • Will not discolour.

The warranty is subject to the products being correctly installed in accordance with the Fibo's instructions and is properly maintained.   

The purchaser must ensure that the panels are thoroughly inspected prior to installation and must immediately notify Sourcecorp of any: 

  • Damage to the panels or profiles; and 

  • Defects or flaws in the décor including colour shading. 

If installed by a third-party trades person, the panels should first be checked by the purchaser.  

The warranty applies to all domestic and most commercial installations.  Please contact Sourcecorp for verification for areas that have exceptionally high use, such as sporting facility shower blocks.  Refer to Fibo warranty document for terms.

If a warranty claim is accepted what is the compensation? 

The Claimant may accept either replacement product(s) or elect to receive a cash settlement instead.  If replacement product is requested then Sourcecorp will cover any cost of the products and their delivery.  The warranty may include labour costs associated with retro fitting defective product, subject to the circumstances of each claim.  

What is excluded from the warranty? 

The warranty does not cover claims due to: 

  • Faulty installation by a third-party installer; 

  • Damage incurred after delivery; 

  • Use in an inappropriate setting (such as outdoors); 

  • Damage due to inappropriate storage or use; 

  • Damage due to structural movement of the building; 

  • Failure to follow maintenance instructions including the use of inappropriate cleaning materials.  Refer to the Cleaning and Maintenance information sheet

Claims for indirect and consequential loss or damage are specifically  

excluded.  The Fibo warranty does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. 

How are warranty claims processed?

All claims must be presented to Sourcecorp who will respond directly to the claimant.  The warranty terms layout the process for making a claim and our process of responding and finalising claims.   During its almost 70 years of operation Fibo has only received a handful of claims.  

Who underwrites the warranty?

Sourcecorp Victoria is liable to settle all approved Australian warranty claims.  Sourcecorp holds product and public liability insurance of $20 million.  Under the Australian distribution agreement, Fibo AS in Norway underwrites Sourcecorp for Australian against any approved product warranty claims. 

How long is the warranty period? 
What does the warranty cover? 
If a warranty claim is accepted what compensation is given? 
What is excluded from the warranty? 
How are warranty claims processed? 
Who is underwriting the warranty? 
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